"Smokers are treated like lowlife scum of the earth because they are."

By way of unconstitutional legislation, misleading public service announcements leading to baseless fear and child education steeped in molding discrimination, anti-smoking groups and our own public officials have initiated the new politically correct and seemingly acceptable form of hate.

Complacency on the part of smokers have given anti-smokers the green light to stigmatize, debase and act verbally abusive and outwardly hostile towards us.  It might not be rampant but it exists.  You might not have personally encountered these forms of assault but there are those who have.   It cannot be allowed to grow. It is unacceptable.

It's a Bomb Waiting To Go Off

By remaining quiet they believe they have permission to continue attacking us.  As yet, there is no one to rely on to come to our defense but ourselves.
Display your right to choose and to be left alone in that choice by proudly wearing a pin that proclaims you are not prone to intimidation.  

This beautifully designed lapel pin will let others who are feeling the same way know that THEY ARE NOT 
ALONE - and neither are you when you spot someone else wearing one.  

Non-smokers may also wish to wear the CIG PIN to support every free citizen's right to CHOICE of lifestyle.

cactual size: 1-3/4" x 3/8"  
  - secured by 2 'tie tack' fasteners
                                 - cloisonné quality 
You can order a pin by writing to pin@nyclash.com.   $5.50 per pin including S&H.  NYC C.L.A.S.H. is a grassroots organization.  Proceeds go directly back into projects aimed at promoting our right to be left alone.  All details supplied upon request.

Anti-smoking Group Condones Violence Against Smokers:
"...The group is said to be considering an anti-smoking
campaign revolving around the monkeys in which they
re-create scenes of the beasts attacking those who light up."

A Scene of Things to Come:  [From the Washington Post; Nov. 20, 2001]

"A journalist was walking down a street here this weekend, with her head
covered with a scarf, smoking a cigarette.

A man approached her, snatched the cigarette from her mouth, broke it in two
and threw the pieces on the ground, scolding her that women should not smoke."

How fast were you to believe that happened here, in the U.S.?  You didn't quite doubt that it did, did you?
No, this happened in Afghanistan even after the Taliban was run out of the city of Jalalabad.
Think about where we're headed and who the anti-smokers resemble.

Forget It. It's Here Already:

[From the Orlando Sentinel; September 21, 2002]

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- A 13-year-old New Smyrna Beach boy was beaten to death Friday by a 15-year-old boy who thought the victim had given cigarettes to the older boy's little brother, authorities said.

After an argument that left Shane Michael Farrell, 13, on the ground, the victim begged the 15-year-old boy to stop kicking him, according to one of several boys who said they witnessed the attack near the intersection of Julia and Faulkner streets.

"Please don't; no, no," Shane pleaded as the older boy repeatedly kicked him, according to the father of a witness.

Gene Correia said his son, Gene Correia Jr., who was with Shane when the attack happened, told investigators the older boy had been looking for Shane for four days.

The older boy was angry with Shane because he thought that Shane had given cigarettes to his 8-year-old brother, authorities were told.

The assault occurred about 3:10 p.m., according to New Smyrna Beach Police Department investigators.

Paramedics found Shane unresponsive and not breathing when they arrived at the scene about 3:30 p.m.

He was taken to Bert Fish Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

A handful of teenage boys -- one clutching a skateboard -- and their parents filed in and out of the New Smyrna Beach police station as detectives interviewed witnesses.

Gene Correia said his son told authorities that Shane tried to explain to the boy that he hadn't given any cigarettes to the older boy's brother.

The 15-year-old boy was being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Daytona Beach on a second-degree murder charge. Authorities could not say if he would be tried as an adult.

[From the Times-Picayune; October 5, 2002]

Pregnant woman shot over cigarette

18-year-old refused to stop smoking

NEW ORLEANS - Most people cringe at the sight of a pregnant woman smoking. Some people feel strongly enough to say something in protest. But one local man took matters into his own hands early Friday when, according to police, he shot an expectant mother who refused to put out her cigarette.

[From the Salt Lake Tribune; April 2004]

Straight Edgers characterized as terrorist threat

Utah's largest gang is far from its most violent, but hard-core members of Straight Edge have a terroristic bent that make them potentially more lethal than traditional street gangs, police say.

Hundreds of teenagers in Salt Lake City and Ogden align themselves with the 20-year-old Straight Edge movement,...
...a violent faction commits crimes in small packs, usually assaults against those who smoke or drink.

Police began to consider the gang a domestic terrorist group after a series of violent attacks in the mid-to-late 1990s when Straight Edgers firebombed a McDonald's and a leather store, blew up a mink farm and murdered a teenager for smoking in downtown Salt Lake City.

[From the London Telegraph; May 25, 2004]

'Devil' man killed wife and two sons over her smoking

A hotelier who became obsessed with the devil murdered his wife and two of their children because she would not give up smoking, a court heard yesterday.

John Jarvis, 42, had persuaded his wife, Patricia, to sign a pre-nuptial agreement limiting her to six cigarettes a day.

When he discovered she was smoking more than that number, he stabbed her in the heart and then murdered their sons, John, 11, and Stuart, eight, so they could join her.

The court heard how Jarvis decided that he was "going to fix" his wife's smoking habit after the couple returned home from a visit to a medium on March 26, 2003.

"He was quite worked up," said Mr Goldrein. "He could not sleep and the smell of dirty ashtrays was coming out of her mouth. He had a hunting knife. As a result of what the medium had said, he decided to eliminate the problem."

Mr Goldrein told the court that the couple had married while living in South Africa in 1986. They moved initially to Kent and subsequently to Blackpool. He went on: "Throughout the marriage, the defendant had expressed an obsessive dislike of smoking. He was a strict disciplinarian and she did not smoke in front of him. But she had smoked, and just prior to her death there had been arguments about the issue."

Jarvis had once told a friend: "If I ever prove that Trish is smoking, I'll kill her." An e-mail he sent after the killings was entitled: "Smoking by my wife - to all it may concern."

(NYC C.L.A.S.H. Note:  Where DO they get their ideas??)

[From the London Telegraph; May 25, 2004]

Man gunned down after smoking row

A drinker has taken offence to a fellow drinker lighting up a cigarette in a pub and went to extreme measures to stop him - he shot the smoker in the head, killing him.

The dispute between the 50-year-old gunman and the
35-year-old smoker broke out at the Flash Road Bar in Kwartel Street, Birch Acres, Kempton Park, on Saturday night.

Superintendent Eugene Opperman, police spokesperson for the North Rand, confirmed that the irate suspect had been incensed by smoking in the pub. He then had pulled out a pistol and fired a shot into the smoker's head during a quarrel.

"It seems like the whole argument was entirely about smoking," Opperman said.

There was a small pub on the premises where people could order drinks, eat their food and smoke.

"I later heard from a waiter that the argument had started inside the pub and was all about a cigarette," said the woman.

[From the MilwaukeeChannel.com; December 21, 2005]

Woman Stabs Husband Over Smoking Habit

A Sheboygan woman could spend up to 20 years in prison after police said she stabbed her husband during an argument about smoking.

Police said 26-year-old Teresa Neumann and her husband argued about his smoking habit.

That argument turned into a wrestling match before Neumann grabbed a knife and plunged it all the way through his right forearm.

[From the Bromsgrove Advertiser; December 18, 2006]

Four Hours of Torture

A 17-year-old student was burned with a home-made flame thrower during a horrifying four-hour torture ordeal, a court heard.

Aerosol cans of air freshener and furniture polish were squirted at Katy James and the jets set alight with a naked flame. She was attacked by a gang of teenagers at the flat they shared in Burcot Lane, Bromsgrove, after her smoking was blamed for Hayley Kirby's miscarriage.

Her hair was set alight and she had to beat out the flames with her bare hands. Perfume was sprayed onto her stomach and also set on fire.

She was battered with a chair until its leg broke, punched, kicked and forced to drink a cocktail of coca-cola, cigarette ends and urine while her tormentors laughed, Worcester Crown Court was told.

Miss James, a vulnerable girl with learning problems, was lured home on March 23 where she was attacked by Kirby, her boyfriend Robert Hart, Wynette Darkes and her boyfriend James Smale. Kirby claimed that on that day she was told by a hospital that smoke in her body' had caused her to lose the child, said Nicolas Cartwright, prosecuting.

The violence was begun by Kirby who slapped Miss James, called her a whore and branded her a murderer.

Miss James, who was on a life skills course at North East Worcestershire college in Redditch, had a soiled nappy pushed in her face.

Cigarettes were also stubbed out on her body and she was forced to eat chilli peppers and chilli powder - and drink her own vomit.

She was photographed on a mobile phone, had a knife held at her throat- and was even urinated on.

[From the PostStar.com; May 29, 2007]

Police: Man admitted ax attack [over smoking]  in 911 call

The Cambridge man arrested last week on charges he hit his pregnant girlfriend with an ax admitted during a 911 call that he had struck her with the weapon, officials said. Police said she was hit once on the side of the head and at least twice in the back. She suffered a fractured skull behind one of her ears, officials said.

Authorities said the argument between the two occurred because Pedersen wanted Farrell -- who is pregnant -- to stop smoking cigarettes. But she had continued to smoke.

[From the Associated Press; June 13, 2007]

Man allegedly severed wife's tongue, windpipe in smoking fight...

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Authorities allege an argument over smoking led a Brooklyn Center man to slash his wife's throat, severing her tongue and windpipe.

Authorities say Meg Lundeen and her husband, Randy Aaser, visited a couple bars with friends and colleagues to celebrate her 30th birthday Friday night. According to the complaint, she told a friend she wanted to buy cigarettes, but that she had quit smoking and that her husband would be mad if he found out.

Authorities say Lundeen was attacked later at the couple's house.

Aaser has been charged with second-degree attempted murder. He's being held in lieu of 500-thousand dollars bail.

Lundeen remains in critical condition. Doctors reattached her tongue, but it's not clear yet how her ability to speak or taste will be affected.

[From the South Wales Echo; July 21, 2007]

Deaf man attacked for smoking at bus station

(UK) -- A DEAF man was beaten up at Cardiff central bus station for smoking a cigarette.

The incident happened at stand B1 of the bus station at around 4.15pm on Tuesday when the victim, who is profoundly deaf, was smoking a cigarette.

Someone stood behind him in the shelter asked him to stop smoking but because the man, who is from Canton, Cardiff, has hearing difficulties he did not respond.

He was then attacked, knocked to the floor, kicked and punched.

Police are appealing for witnesses to what they have described as an “unprovoked attack”...

(NYC C.L.A.S.H. Note:  Unprovoked Attack??  It was provoked by anti-smoking laws that emboldens the intolerant -- believing they now have sanction by govt.'s own display of intolerance --  to attack smokers)

[From the Nevada Appeal; March 8, 2008]

Police: Man threatened to kill unborn baby if girlfriend kept smoking

A Carson City man is being sought for questioning after allegedly threatening to cut the fetus out of his pregnant girlfriend.

Carson City Sheriff's Lt. Ray Saylo said officers were called out to the hospital about 3:30 a.m. Friday morning after a 19-year-old woman reported she was the victim of a battery.

Saylo said the woman, who was almost seven months pregnant, told police that she and her boyfriend, Justin Dewitt, 29, had a fight early Thursday morning and fought most of the day.

The woman said Dewitt was drinking, according to Saylo.

"At about 2 a.m. in the morning, (Dewitt) goes over to the victim sleeping on the couch, wakes her up and begins to argue with her over smoking a cigarette," said Saylo. "He slams her around a little bit in the apartment and then grabs a knife and with the knife poked her in the stomach."

Saylo said Dewitt told the woman he was going to help her kill the baby.

Saylo said Dewitt eventually left the apartment and the woman, who was concerned about her baby after being punched in the stomach, took herself to the hospital.

And then we have our local news columnists promoting hate:

[From The Star; December 7, 2004]

By Andrea Peyser

THEY grew up with Mom's smoke penetrating the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom. Smoke in the draperies, in their eyes, in the cat.

Zachary Kilroy, 17, couldn't go out to a restaurant without Mom leaving him alone at the table, several times a meal, to indulge her nicotine addiction at the bar.

Or worse, he was left to fend for himself against elderly relatives. Even so, no bar could contain the toxic fumes, which wafted into Zach's eyes with every puff.

His brother, Sam, is even more withering. "It's disgusting," said Sam, 21.

"It's disrespectful for you to smoke in someone else's presence, to force them to be in your presence.

"When she smokes in the house, or in the car in winter, with the windows up, I complain. So she rolls down the windows and I get to be freezing - with smoke. I get the 'best' of both worlds."

Now, you can score one for the young'uns.

When the city's strict smoking ban took hold, replacing indoor air-pollution with the noxious whining of nicotine freaks who behave as if it's their constitutional right to sicken innocent people, it spelled a victory of a kind to two young Queens brothers.

So much attention has been paid lately to smokers' mewling, we've heard little from their former victims. Now it seems there are legions of kids in this city who are thrilled to be able to enjoy a respite from the company of the Marlboro Man.

"My friends think it's great," said Sam, whose pals are making their first legal forays into bars unhindered by an inability to breathe. He says the establishments benefit, too.

Mom Laura isn't celebrating. "It pissed me off," she said. "I complain about Bloomberg when I'm outside in the cold, smoking."

While I'm no fan of our mayor's tax-and-spend, fire-house-closing, ticket-friendly fetishes, I have to give him credit for one small thing: He's brought peace to the exceedingly strong-willed members of the Kilroy clan.

Recently, Laura dialed a city help-line number. Within a few days, she received five weeks' worth of free nicotine patches.

"This [the ban] has nothing to do with me quitting," she said, defiantly. "Well, maybe it did," she relented.

As for Sam, he'd like to see smokers fined $1,000 for leaving butts on the sidewalk. And to have the "murderers" found liable for passive-smoke ills. Burned at the stake, perhaps?

One thing at a time.


How ironic that Peyser suggests Salem witchhunt solutions. That is exactly what the secondhand smoke alarmists emulate.  No proof exists that secondhand smoke kills, but like the young girls who whipped up hysteria about witches among them, they claim that it does and then want to burn at the stake those they say are guilty of "killing" others:

An Account of Events in Salem
by Douglas Linder

Why did this travesty of justice occur? Why did it occur in Salem? Nothing about this tragedy was inevitable. Only an unfortunate combination of economic conditions, congregational strife, teenage boredom, and personal jealousies can account for the spiraling accusations, trials, and executions that occurred in the spring and summer of 1692.

Meanwhile, the number of girls afflicted continued to grow, rising to seven with the addition of Ann Putnam, Elizabeth Hubbard, Susannah Sheldon, and Mary Warren. According to historian Peter Hoffer, the girls "turned themselves from a circle of friends into a gang of juvenile delinquents."

Betty Parris and Abigail Williams named their afflictors and the witchhunt began. The consistency of the two girls' accusations suggests strongly that the girls worked out their stories together. Soon Ann Putnam and Mercy Lewis were also reporting seeing "witches flying through the winter mist."  The prominent Putnam family supported the girls' accusations, putting considerable impetus behind the prosecutions.

The girls accusations and their ever more polished performances, including the new act of being struck dumb, played to large and believing audiences.

Persons who scoffed at accusations of witchcraft risked becoming targets of accusations themselves.  One man [also ironically an opinionated tavern owner] who was openly critical of the trials paid for his skepticism with his life.

The witches disappeared, but witchhunting in America did not. Each generation must learn the lessons of history or risk repeating its mistakes.  Salem should warn us to think hard about how to best safeguard and improve our system of justice.

Peyser is one in the gang of girls (aka all the anti-smoking crusaders) who point a finger and yell "witch!"  Her accusations and solution mirror exactly what happened in Salem.  She and the officials who go along with this should read the last paragraph of this writer's account.

One other item of irony is that Peyser wrote this column on June 6th.  D-Day.  A decisive battle that foreshadowed the end of Hitler's dream of Nazi domination.

More hate from Peyser:

[From The NY Post; September 15, 2009]

About time we put last nail in the coughin'!

FOR the second time this decade, the city's health Gestapo has come up with a mighty fine idea.

Ban the lit cigarettes from public parks! Turn the nozzle on the butts that contaminate our beaches.

The idea won't sit well with the pathologically addicted few who continue to force innocent citizens to unwillingly breathe their poisons. But this is a scenario whose time has come.

Few things are more aggravating and disgusting than being forced to swallow fumes emitted by a mother, father, grandpa or stalker whose bond with nicotine prevents them from stepping outside the city's precious, toddler-filled recreation areas in order to slowly kill themselves.

How many times have you played in a park, or plopped down on a beach towel, only to have some joker ruin your day, not to mention the smell of your clothes and the well-being or your children, by blowing his toxins in your general direction?

If you dare complain, look out. You run the risk of encountering a psycho pro-smoking activist, affronted by the notion of sharing the atmosphere with someone who merely hopes to avoid a painful and lingering death.

It's time to run the smokers underground, if not just for your own health and sanity, but for the cancer-stick suckers' own good. As we learned six years ago, it can be done, and beautifully.

Few believed in 2003 that this city could ever ban indoor smoking. It's not fair! the addicts cried. It will hurt business!

Well, the only business that may have taken a hit is that of the local dry cleaner, who sees a whole lot less of my clothes these days, as well as those of my fellow former smokers.

Times have changed, and the city has actually helped. Remember, few also believed in 1991 that most city parks could be made safe from random violence.

Visiting the beach or the park should no longer require an oxygen mask. If one wants to smoke, there are places to freely enjoy that activity. Like China. Even Europe these days is rapidly turning into a no-smoking zone.

The only thing I ask the city's health commissioner is -- please! -- put a sock in those gross-out smoking ads that constantly run on TV, like a Tourette's nightmare, ruining my dinner and scaring the bejeezus out of my kid.

We get it. Smoking is bad. So let's fight the common enemy.

Run the smokers out of polite company.

Our health depends on it.


And then there's the slower growing form of hate.  But hate is hate no matter the way it matures:

[From Ananova; April 12, 2004]

Smoking and tattoos top hate list

Office workers who reek of cigarette smoke are putting their reputation and career chances at risk, new research shows.

Only 10 per cent of UK bosses polled by executive consultancy The Aziz Corporation said smelling of cigarette smoke during office hours was acceptable.

On a list of pet hates, managers said reeking of smoke is even less tolerable than having tattoos or male employees with long hair.

Khalid Aziz, chairman of The Aziz Corporation, said: "Employees should be aware that seen stubbing out just before they go into a meeting can still have a detrimental effect and they should consider whether they should be smoking at all while at work."

Executive directors at 100 companies with an annual turnover of between £5 million and £100 million were canvassed for the survey.

And then there's outright admittance but with a slap on the hater's own wrist:

[From California Aggie; April 19, 2004]

Smoking out the smoking irony
By Garrett McCord

Scum of society.

There are more laws governing them than practically any other group. The media targets them more and more. There are commercials and multi-million dollar ads to make sure that the youth of America does not become future dregs that cloud up and make the world miserable for the rest of us. They can be found in every facet and group in the world.

We hate them and we love to hate them.


While not a smoker myself, I've noticed a slight irony about them. Most everyone, liberal and conservative, hates smokers. In my opinion, at times smokers get more crap than any other racial, sexual or religious group, mainly because we allow them to be hated.

The amount of legislation focused on smoking worldwide is astounding. These laws act as green lights for the rest of the world to put people down based on a specific habit.

In May 2001, the European Union gave its final approval to legislation that would ban the use of the terms "light" and "mild" for advertising cigarettes, and allow for graphic pictures of diseased lungs and hearts on cigarette packs.

Russia gave preliminary approval to bills banning tobacco ads in print media, on street billboards and in public transportation. They were already banned from television.

Ireland has passed a law making it illegal to smoke inside any building except private residences.

Anti-smoking bylaws in Winnipeg and St. John's, Newfoundland, came into effect on Jan. 1, 2002. They ban smoking in any indoor location where minors are present. Some coffee shops and restaurants got around the bylaw by banning children.

Much of this is done for the health of others. Others do not want to smell it or choke on it, so we ban it everywhere.

We protect our children's health via laws, the media and scare tactics. No one can promote tobacco within 10 miles of a California public school. We force tobacco companies to pay for anti-smoking ads. There are sin taxes more expensive than gasoline.

But the people who choose to smoke, choose to do it on their own accord. The world focuses on why it's so hazardous, yet we aren't facing this problem. Caffeine is just as addictive and can be quite unhealthy, but we don't put a $5 tax on each cup.

Random A.D.D. Moment: I believe we should tax coffee $0.10 per cup. Then put that money into schools. That would raise millions of dollars for public education. But people would freak out because they don't want to pay $5.10 instead of just $5 even if it's for children. You cheap bastards.

If people want to smoke, let them smoke. We don't make Starbucks pay for ads warning about the dangers of caffeine. Senators aren't passing laws saying that one can only eat greasy food at the age of 18. The media aren't using creative tactics to keep us from sitting out in the sun too long.

All these things are unhealthy but we don't care.

Smokers are shunned; we give them dirty looks when we are forced to pass through their smoke. I do it too, even if I know its mean. But I'm going to try not to. I will also give dirty looks to sunbathers blinding me with cancerous skin, tell every pregnant woman I see with a burger about the health risks of polyunsaturated fats to them and the child, ask a person with an espresso if they're giving America's youth the wrong impression, and tell each person cutting carbohydrates out of their diet that the lack of carbs can hurt your liver.

Or we could all lighten up a bit. If someone is smoking in the middle of the Quad, let them. It's their last haven next to their home and car.

Now quit pestering them, and drink your addictive, $5, low-carb coffee.

The following are actual quotes taken from a smokers' rights Internet newsgroup by uninvited guests:

you are absolutely right in saying that people who smoke do suffer some

Lose the SMOKE, and tobacco users won't be publicly chastised as Losers ...
(merely drug addicts like the rest)

I, and the majority in a rep. democracy, are the one's who
have judged you and your filthy habit to be unworthy of
public acceptance, and therefore restricted to the privacy
of your own stinky abode.

PS: If you keep up the whining and misbehaving, we will be
forced to regulate and restrict your drug addiction even further.

So the choice is yours - To be allowed to fix your filthy addiction
in the privacy of your own home, or not at all. Decide addict.

Hey Charles, if it's good enough to send the "other" criminals to [prison], then it's good
enough to send the "criminal smokers" to also ...

Anyone who continues to smoke today is asking for continually
increasing taxation, restrictions, and humiliation.

As one Boom activist puts it,
"There is no such thing as being too rude to a smoker."

THOSE junkies know where they can COP their fix, and its in a SMOKING room
which is separate from the rest of the building, sorta like a DOPE FIXING

WHO gives a F**K!!!!!??? YOU stilllllllll GOING to be jonesing for your dope
FIX JUNKIE , that is if you arent ashamed to tote your sorry JUNKIE ass inside

HAHAHAHA,  but you STILL going to be jonesing for that dope fix if you enter
smoke free public places!!!!  Get use to it junkie.....

You are taxed to death because you are an addict.

Bitch, you didnt smoke cause you CANT inside smoke free places you GD junkie,
you took your sorry addicted ass to the COPPING area where you can cop your fix
and NOT BOTHER anyone else with your SHS, YOU are getting with the program!!!!
HAHAHAHAHA GD junkie learns fast!

For you smokers , its :  "Don't coppa fix inside smoke free places, coppa that
fix in the alley by the dumpster..."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  now thats funny!!!!!  Junkie , go orientate and urinate out
back at the dumpster!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

You filthy wretched drug addict ....

Your momma is a junkie too?  NOT only did your wife kick your sorry ass to the
batcave outside her HOUSE to cop your fix, your momma is joined YOU!!!!

YOU right about one GD thing junkie, your JUNKIE ass is outside copping your
dope fix HAHAHAHAHA,  but the laughing isnt outside, ITS INSIDE  HAHAHAHA
,laughing at your whiny sorry pathetic ass whimpering and fumbling for your
fire to cop your next DOPE FIX, isnt that right junkie? HAHAHAHAHA

HEYYY, its smoke free junkieee, the smoking section is by the dumpster!!!

The only thing you been up to is toteing your junkie butt outside smoke free
buildings to cop your dope fix with the rest of the junkies....

Junkie, bring cash if you get caught breaking the NEW SMOKE FREE LAWS which you

GO cop your dope fix and make it faster........  [end of life]

Get back to the curb where you belong you filthy addicted loser ...

Smoke away addict, in private, I don't care. Hell, I even send you
some of your poison if it'll hasten your demise ...

have another one on me ... in the privacy of your own wretched stench-pit
you call home ..

We don't want drunks among us and we don't want smokers either.

WHO cares? NOBODY gives a shit about smokers,thats why you are jonesing for
your dope chucky while you are inside smoke free places and your kitchen!!!!!

Only the criminally insane will continue smoke.

...but you are still a stinky addict,
and your behavior will be further restricted and controlled by society.

... as soon as I'm done making sure smoking tobacco addicts are restricted and
controlled to the confines of their wretched abodes ...

Smokers are the niconigger of 2000!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
git your ass outside to cop that fix you jonesing junkies!!!!!

whew, junkies are shamed into hideing!  OMG, how bout if you just quit the job,
move into a crack house and hang out with the rest of the druggies?

Society has finally seen them for the worthless drug addicted scum
that they are, and is relegating and restricting them to the filthy gutter
with the rest of the drug addicts.

 No, they just put wretched nicotine addicts in their proper place, with the
 other crack addicts, marginalized and on the edge of criminality ...

Another victory for the Evil Anti-Smoking Conspiracy who spends
it's time and $$ littering the countryside with filthy cig buts so that
the blame can be placed on the considerate smokers who never litter,
and don't even know any other smokers who litter ....

ha ha. reap what ye sow you filthy littering addicts ...
soon you won't even be permitted to smoke outdoors.

It's not about cancer.
It's not about health.

It's about your filthy wretched public behavior.

...who are even willing to use VIOLENCE
against junkies who defy those smokefree laws.

 Smokers with ideas like yours should be BURNED ALIVE in public parks like
witches were in the middle ages...

If teens are to be dissuaded from taking up smoking it's necessary to get across to them the
image of the smoker as a sad, stinky, addicted loser.

Duh, most scumbag addicts do enjoy their drugs.

if only they weren't spreading hatred
and intolerance all over the place.

Hatred = SHS

Do some legal and scientific research on ADDICTION.......What that would mean
to the tobacco companies...... YOU know you are a JONESING addict who craves
copping your dope fix just like any other gutterball junkie,, crack or
herion,,,, great company ADDICT!!!!!

getting that DOPE COP, from satisfying your JONES For your DOPE!!!!!!
ADDICT! DOPE ADDICT!!!!JUNKIE craving that dope!!
 you know all about it!!!!

YOU got it ADDICT!!!!!  Jones for dope inside,, COP dope fix outside!!!!
The rest here need to get with the program!!!
THE ones who cried "BOYCOTTE"" need it shoved up their ASS!!!!

Wouldn't it be cheaper to transplant brains into teenagers and drunks
who drop cigarettes?

Wouldn't it be more fun to shoot all the smokers?

We're under ASSAULT, people.
Smokers want to quit smoking. They welcome the assault.

smokers are treated like lowlife scum of the earth
because they are

We have been forced out
 of buildings, restaurants, meetings, and in general discriminated
against  more openly and intensely than any other group in history.

yessss, and it will get even worse for smoker addicts

 Children, in front of their parents, have even insulted me.

Take the hint, even small children know that smoking stinks.

and as long as you keep smoking you will remain a pathetic loser.

Wouldn't it be more fun to shoot all the smokers?

>From a hate-crimes prison cell, you mean...?

From anywhere, even the gay bar you hang out in.

>"A REFORMED smoker repeatedly stabbed his wife in the neck after
>finding out that she had broken her promise to give up, a court was
>told yesterday."

Bet she wont smoke in the house anymore!!!!!!!

See what can happen if you poison innocent people with SHS!!!!!

It's a shame this doesn't happen more often. One less smoker is a start. [in reference to

Sounds as if he had sufficient provocation to me.  [in reference to above]

All the smokers died last night, from lung cancer. YAHOOOO!!

Smokers are the niconiggers of 2000,, HAHAHA and you will continue to jones for
your dope in publicplaces NICOnigger

[Remark] Murder is the lowest act any human can sink to besides child abuse.

[Reply] and spreading SHS towards innocent non smokers.

[Remark] of if they smoked or not, NO ONE deserves to be killed.

[Reply] then keep your damn SHS to yourself bitch.

True,,and since everyone is going to die anyway,,,,, why prolong it smokers, do
yourself a favor and KILL YOURSELF TODAY instead of poisoning others with

Actually, given the choice, most nonsmokers would like smokers to
smoke enough to kill themselves immediately.

Fuck you tooo asshole addicted junkie, you are no better than the crackwhores
on the street like kyotee,, but you KNOW THAT,, you jones for your dope
everytime you enter a smoke free place, YOU arent Worth the effort to SPIT ON
bitch!!!! NOW YOU remember where your PLACE is you lowlife addict each and
every time YOU throw YOUR DOPE STICK on the ground EVERY time you enter a


We laugh at smokers on the sidewalk.

Junkies getting no pleasure, just getting the fix.

The public still thinks they [tobacco companies] are scum--and that includes smokers.

PEOPLE laugh and dispise you like
the maggot you are, right up there with herion and crack addicts, wear it with
pride , cop another dope fix!!!

the only problem with guns is that everyone doesnt tote one!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH
so that when you spew your SHS, , I COULD spew some bullets!!!!

how Individuals CHOOSE to live THEIR OWN LIVES is their
>Right and their own business.

thats exactly what NONSMOKERS hve been saying the whole time you moronic

>Smoking may be an inconvenience to you, but having to smoke outside of
>places that smokers have supported for decades is more than just an
>inconvenience, it is genocide.

that's the whole idea. hahaha

This'll also reduce the SHS these scumbag addicts produce, and force them to
actually "smoke" their wretched drug instead of merely "burning" it... and they'll
die faster too as they smoke faster and more deeply ... just deserts for the social
lowlifes that smokerz are.

No, not as long as the group being manipulated is some wretched lowlife, undesireable,
addicted scumbad segment of society ... we manipulate, use and punnishe them at will,
always have, always will.

Howz it feel?, you addict loser!

All smokers DESERVE to die horrific, painful deaths.

VIA EMAIL:  I love smokers! Just the thought of how badly they are going to die always
brings a smile to my face. =]

An even easier way to enforce the smoking bans is to extinguish its cigarette with a water
pistol, or to quickly take the the cigarette from the smoker's mouth and through it away,
and if corrupted policeman don't want to help you, to make justice with your own hands
and hit the smoker yourself.

As long as you smoke, you can be controlled.

Re: Nicotine -
No, we need to increase the level of toxicity so that the onset of
death is much faster in the users, hopefully before they propagate
their defective genes ....

Smoking is just a filthy putrid addiction practiced by the lowlifes and miscreants of society...

The Antismoking Army has another view of the meaning of freedom :
The freedom to exterminate you and your breed from the face of the earth

You dumb addicts ought to just shoot yourselves now and save yourself and all the rest of us a lot of bother.