States Sacrifice Smokers for Pharmaceutical Industry Funding


The Stink Comes From The Governorís Office

I have been working for months trying to find out about Maineís involvement with the Smokeless States funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Today, I hit pay dirt with the article in the Bangor Daily News:

Maine health system ailing

"The Maine Health Care Performance Council, funded by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant, has 13 members representing business, consumer and state government. All were appointed to 18-month terms by Gov. Angus King, and were charged with developing a long-range vision related to judging the efficiency and quality of health care services in Maine."

If you will check out the link to the Smokeless States, you will discover that the higher taxes a state imposes on cigarettes and the more restrictions/bans on smoking, the bigger the grants that state will receive from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation! Yes!!!! Whoopeee!!! They chopped off the heads of the smokers in Maine to line their pockets from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation!!!!

Smokeless States

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Now I understand why there is no smoking within a hundred feet on all health care facilities. Now I understand why our restaurants went smoke free and our bars are hanging on by a thread to accommodate the smokers. Now I understand why there is no longer smoking allowed at work. Yessssssssss! So Governor King and the oneís "in the know," can have all that extra money for their pet programs, and for those $30 million lap tops for the kids in school, and to remodel the STATE HOUSE!!! Yesssssss!!!! Now I understand!

Never mind that tobacco is a legal commodity. Never mind that 1 in 4 Maine adults choose to smoke! Never mind that Judge Osteen ruled against the EPAís second hand smoke policy:

Court Rules Against EPA on Secondhand Smoke

Never mind that the Lung Association states that smoking does NOT cause ASTHMA:

Published by the Lung Association

Oh my! Am I the dumb one here! To think that all along, I might have "believed" their lies. It was all laid out to me today in one article in the Bangor Daily News. LOL! How funny. How sad. Why and how did we citizens in Maine ever let this happen?

Read the article. They are wanting to "triple" food tax now. Whatís next? What other programs does the Governor and his friends want to fund? What more can we the adult smokers in Maine give them? Besides our blood. Talk about gluttony! The Tobacco Settlement Money paid into Maine every year would be more then enough to cover any sick smokers health care. So, where is that money going, Governor? Where! We smokers are paying that Tobacco Settlement. What more can we give you!

It's for the KIDS?  That's a good one!

Darlene Brennan

Caribou, Maine

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Reprint: Hartford Courant, Tuesday, September 28, 1999