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Tobacco Shops

    As residents of New York City and New York State, it is important that you remain informed about current and past events that have affected us, or that has the potential to affect us, locally and state-wide.  Many laws and restrictions have been written and passed pertaining to smoking.  The only way to attempt to retain what little freedom NYC & NYS smokers have left is to keep apprised of all bills, past and pending, and news articles particular to NYC & NYS so that we may act accordingly.  Nonsmokers who are sympathetic to the plight of smokers and believe in equal accommodation are very welcome here. 

    Although we have included news articles that can be considered anti-smoking in nature, we believe that in order to understand the full scope of what is occurring you should be informed about ALL sides in the tobacco debate.  Sometimes an anti-tobacco story is worth reading in order to witness the comical and/or unbelievable extremes the prohibitionists will go to.

    Just because an article is included for viewing does not suggest that NYC C.L.A.S.H. agrees with the substance or opinion presented in all instances.