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The Litter Question
NYC C.L.A.S.H. Challenges Smoking Ban on Beaches and in Parks Proposal

Mayor Bloomberg's responses to this proposal (and cigarette taxes). The contradictions are deafening!    


When asked about this on June 10th, this was Bloomberg's reply (cut from a NY1 News report):

"I do not think we should prevent people from smoking.  If they want to kill themselves let them do it.  I think that's part of basic freedoms in this country."

On September 16th, as reported by the NY Post, Bloomberg said this:

"This city is not walking away from our commitment to make it as difficult and as expensive to smoke as we possibly can,
and also to spend every ounce of intellectual capital we have [to stop smoking]."

Mayor Bloomberg unwittingly admitting, by answering about smokERS and not smoke, that the real intent of this ban
is the anti-smokers' quest to bend smokERs to their will while using "exposure" as a skirt to hide behind.



On September 16th, when asked about the impact this ban would have on cigarette tax collections since anti-smokers allege bans reduce smoking, Bloomberg said this as reported by the NY Post:

"It would be wonderful if we didn't have any tobacco-tax revenue.  Why can't you get that through your mind?"

On September 17th, on the other hot topic of collecting the cigarette tax from the Indian reservations, Bloomberg said this as reported by the NY Post:

"The mayor added that the sales of untaxed smokes last year cost the city $1 billion in 'revenue that we could have used to pay teachers,
firefighters and police officers during these tough times.  So when you read about the governor saying that he's going to lay off people,
when you read about the city saying we can't afford a workforce this size, this is one of the reasons why we can't afford it,' Bloomberg said."